Drive For Us

Who is PockitShip and what do we do?
PockitShip is the new DC moving and delivery service striving to enhance the customer experience by giving them better options than “Rent a Truck” or “Bug a Friend”. We accomplish this by using leading edge mobile app technology to link customers to our network of professional delivery drivers. This allows us to streamline the booking and delivery process and enhances communication and visibility to all parties.

Where do we service?
We currently service the metro DC area including northern Virginia and southern Maryland.

Who do we service?
Anyone who needs big/bulky items moved! Typical customers have purchased new or used items from furniture/sporting goods stores, Craigslist, or auctions; who are moving small apartments, and/or need their large items picked up and hauled away. We also provide In-Home moves for those who need items moved from one room to another.

What do we move?
Furniture, exercise equipment, appliances, large electronics, and boxes…just to name a few. Our average order is 3-4 items, but can range from 1 item up to a full apartment or office move.

Why drive for us?

  • Flexibility - Decide which jobs you accept based on your existing routes, service area, and availability.
  • Technology - Our new Driver App increases order visibility and streamlines the onsite order adjustment and POD process through your smartphone. 
  • Plan Ahead - You are notified of potential orders 24-48 hours in advance, allowing you to route your day.
  • Fast Pay - We pay out weekly through direct deposit.
  • Signing Bonus!

What do we need from you?

  • Must own or lease your own cargo van, sprinter van, or box truck. (Personal vehicles such as SUVs, pickups, or minivans do not qualify.)
  • Must have 2-man team for deliveries.
  • Must have 2 years of White Glove/moving experience.
  • Must meet minimum auto and property insurance requirements.

If you feel that this would be a good fit and want to get in on the new wave of delivery opportunities, please send your completed PockitShip Driver Application to us at